Thursday, 23 May 2019

Vaka Voyagers.

Task Description: This week our task is about what the Polynesian use to find their way around and how to find a island to land on, we were reading a book called Vaka Voyagers that had clues on what the Polynesian use to travel after that we had to write in the answer on our task and then we were finished.   

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Co-ordinate Graph

Task Description: This is the task we have been working on by using co-ordinates and X axis and Y axis.  As you could see that the shape is a Easter egg but we didn't just draw it like that, we had a sheet that had co-ordinates on and we had to plot the points on where the number says.  Then after plotting the lines we had to connect the dots and it will make the shape of a Easter egg.   

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Going on a holiday final Draft.

They had finally got to the hospital and into a room, everyone had made it to the hospital in a rush but lucky they had made it, some of them were so close of not making it to the hospital alive but they were so close to the hospital and made it alive. They had been taken to their rooms the hospital was so dark it looked old too, Nevayah, Nevaeh and Paige were in different rooms but their rooms were next to each other they were all doing okay. The doctor went on each saying, “ You will have to be in here for a little while. “

“ Oh okay. “

So all the patients had to stay in the hospital for a while until they could get out, the 3 girls were injured really badly. Nevaeh had a broken arm and had to wear a cast, Nevayah had a broken leg and had to use crutches and Paige had a broken neck and had to use a cast for her neck. So they were all injured really badly and had to use those things. They had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks until they could get out they had to stay in there for 4 weeks then they could get out, their bones were fine they felt better than ever and they only had a couple of weeks until they could take their casts of and Nevayah won’t have to use a crutches anymore but Paige had to keep her cast on for a bit longer than the other 2 her neck was really bad she had to wait for 1 month them she could take it off. “ I can’t wait to take this off, it makes my arm itches.” Nevaeh saying with excitement.

“ Same here these crutches are making my arm sore. “

“ I can’t I have to keep this one for a long time, 1 month what am I going to do with this one. “ Paige saying with sadness.

They had finally got out of the hospital they were so excited and filled with joy to have explored the beautiful island Samoa, but Nevayah to still use the crutches, Nevaeh still had the cast on her arm and Paige still had her cast for her neck but Nevayah and Nevaeh get to take it off really soon and have lots of fun without them. Paige was so sad she was happy she got out but she was sad that she had to keep on the cast for 1 month she wanted to have fun with them but instead, she had to leave the cast on.

They had finally got out of the hospital they were super excited to have some fun, they were in the hospital for 1 month which means they only had 4 more months left them they had to go back to New Zealand. While they were in the hospital they had missed their felt back to New Zealand so they had to stay there for the rest of the holidays once they got out of their beds they saw their suitcase on the floor next to them they had some help from the doctors getting down to the exit and getting them in the car, there was a car waiting there to take them to where they were staying Nevaeh, Nevayah and Paige had got in the car with a lady that worked there called Megan. Megan was going with them to help the 3 girls when they needed help, the driver had left and taken them to their place when they got there Megan and the driver took their stuff inside then came and helped the 3 girls get out and into the house, the house was really nice inside there was 4 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room which "This is really nice," Megan exclaimed.

"Look at the beach," Nevaeh replied.

" I know right," Paige told them.

The house was really nice the beach was really beautiful and the view was really pretty the sun was really shinning they were all going to have lots of fun. Once they had got inside the house Megan went helping them packing their stuff getting their stuff ready as well when she had finished she went in her room to pack her stuff then she went inside the kitchen to get some drinks for them they were relaxing on the couch watching some movies, everyone was so relaxed and just chilling when Megan had forgotten to cook dinner so she went into the kitchen getting some food ready for dinner the smell that was coming from the kitchen smells really nice they were really excited to see what was for dinner Megan came out of the kitchen with the food and it was really nice "This is really nice, what is this?" Nevaeh asked.

"Yeah, this is really nice."

" It looks good."

"It's one of my mother's recipes, but I can't tell you it's family secret."

"Oh it's okay, but thank you for dinner," Paige replied.

They had finished their dinner and watch some more of their movie Megan was in the kitchen cleaning up, "Megan can you help get into bed please," Nevayah called.

"Coming," Megan replied.

Megan helped Nevayah get into bed putting her crutches away and doing the pillows for her too, once her bed was made Nevayah went straight to sleep and Megan went back in the kitchen finishing off cleaning the kitchen Nevaeh and Paige were still watching the movie. When Megan had finished cleaning she went into the living room watching the movie, everyone got really tired so they all went to sleep once everyone was sleeping the moon was really bright and the crickets were chirping, everyone had a really nice sleep but it was just too hot for them so they were sleeping without blanket. It's morning Megan woke really early to make breakfast when everyone had woke up they went inside the kitchen and had some breakfast, once everyone had finished everyone got ready for the day Megan had to help Paige, Nevayah and Nevaeh get ready "Should we go on the beach?" Nevaeh asked.

"Sure, why not," Megan replied.

"Yeah," Paige and Nevayah said at the same time.

Since they had got out they now get to finish off their holiday in Samoa, they get to have heaps of fun and they get to live happily ever after. That’s the end of my choose it story I hope you really really liked it and really enjoy my writing, feel free to put a comment on it I would be happy to read it. THE END.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Africa: Wildlife at risk.

Task Description: This week for inquiry room 2 did this slide which is about Africa
on this slide we had to choose a country and animal that is in Africa, once we had picked
our country and animal we had to write about the country like find some information about
the country.  After the country we had to choose a animal that is from that country after we had
picked a animal we had to also find some information about that animal and write it down on the slide.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Going on a holiday 1st Draft.

One sunny morning the sun was shining bright the kids were playing and a 3 friends were going to a beautiful island called Samoa, they were packing their staff getting ready to leave at 4:15 in the afternoon. The 3 friends name is Nevaeh, Nevayah and Paige they were so excited to leave for Samoa, they were staying there for 2 weeks. The 3 friends were staying in a beautiful village called Tuasivi. They were all excited for their trip they were waiting for day to come, they were only two days away.

The time has come the three girls were jumping up and down waiting to get in the plane. But they were more excited to get to Samoa, they were waiting for 1h and 30 minutes to get into the plane and in their seats it took awhile but they had finally got to their seats they were all seating next to each other they had snacks to eat some drink they thought they were gonna have a great time. It was going to take 3.62 hours to get to Samoa from New Zealand, but they were still excited for their time. All 3 of them were so tired so they went to sleep.

While they were sleeping they could feel the plane shaking out of control and everyone screaming, the kids were crying. They woke up looking what was going on they saw that the plane was going right down to the island of Samoa and they were very scared what was going on, they hold onto each other very closing hoping they will make it. The plane had crashed, the girls were lying there bleeding, they got up trying to get out of the plane. Some of the other people had also survived but they were also trying to get out of there., they were all in so much pain and they all needed help. The 3 girls were trying their best to get out but they couldn’t, so they just started screaming for help instead. They were so scared and they were crying they were calling each other names to see if they were okay. But they couldn’t hear Paige, Nevaeh and Nevayah had thought she was dead but she had just passed out, they were calling her name telling her to “ PAIGE, WAKE UP.” “ WAKE UP PAIGE.”

But they were in luck cause Paige had woken up, and Nevayah and Nevaeh were so happy she woke up, but she was still in pain they were all in so much pain. Everyone was in so much pain they were trying to get out and trying to call for help, “ Someone please help.”

They were screaming for help hoping someone will hear and come, little did they know some of the kids that were playing saw the plane crash while they were playing they wonder what had happened. They went running to where the plane had crashed they saw that there was a plane with lots of blood and glass on the ground, they could also hear people crying and screaming for help but they couldn’t do anything to help so some of the kids ran to get some help they were running so fast, they got some help told them “ tatou te mana’omia se fesoasoani. “. which means, we need help

Then they said back “ O le a lena? “. ( which means, what is it. )

“ Sa vaeluaina se vaalele. “ ( which means, a plane had crashed. )

They got lots of people to help them so they followed the kids to where the plane was, when they got there they looked and they also saw what the kids saw. They tried to help them but it wasn’t enough people so the kids got even more people to come, when they had got enough of people they all got all of the people under the plane out getting them quickly to the hospital there was 45 people in the plane and 35 had died and 10 had been injured they tried to get all of the survives to the hospital really quickly, everyone were trying their best to get them to hospital. “Ua toetoe a matou i ai iina.”. ( which means we’re almost there. ).

To be continued.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Harry's War

Task Description:This week I have been working on a task called Harry's War.
We had to write a postcard to a friend about the war, we had to write a postcard to
a person called Ted who was friends with Harry which was the one that went into the war.
Harry really missed the farm and being there with Ted he wrote postcards to Ted saying he missed
the farm and really wanted to come back.