Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Christmas Eve.

Today I saw a movie about a little boy who couldn't wait for Christmas. When he woke up, he went to the calendar to open one of the door of the calendar. When he opened one of them he took a chocolate out from the calendar. After he took his chocolate he went down the stairs Into the kitchen to wait for Christmas. After that he went to the computer room to look at the clock to go faster. When he was looking at the clock he was setting onto the chair spinning around and around. When the little brother wanted to play with the big brother but he was waiting for Christmas. Then he went outside to play on the swing. In the morning and when it was showing. When it was night time he was eating fast so he could go go to bed quickly and he woke up early. When he woke up his present were on his bed. But he ignored his present and went to his cup board and got his mum and dad's  present. Then he went to his mum and dad room and gave them there present. I was so surprised because he wasn't happy for his presents he just what to give his dad and mum present that why I was surprised. The gift I will give to my mum and dad is a relly big pool.