Thursday, 28 March 2019

The Key word Reflection.

Search # 4 - The images question
"images" + "cartoon" + "detective" + "police" + "animal characters"
Number of hits = 18, 300 hits

This is my work that I have been doing at Tech which is at Tamaki College with a teacher at Tamaki College called Mr Daniels. Here is what I've been doing which is searching these writing images of, cartoon, detective, police and animal characters. Also if you copy and paste this you will get some information about it. Mr Daniels has been teaching us this. He had also be teaching this to us bit by bit.

Search # 5 - The images question. With no quotation marks.
images + cartoon + detective + police + animal characters
Number of hits = 18, 000 000 hits

Here is another one that I've had been doing at Tech which is at Tamaki College, it is also another one that Mr Daniels had tought me as well which is the same one as the first one I have done. But anyways have fun doing this.

My mother's coat.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Plot line-Big Shift.

Task Description: For this week the Kina reading group had to reading  this book called Big Shift, after that we had to this task called the plot line about the story that we were reading, also when writing about the book the way we had to write about the main parts of the story.  The last thing is the parts of the plot line which is Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling actions and Resolution.

Friday, 8 March 2019

How are students able to respect our environment?.

The future of our environment is riding on the shoulders of today’s youth.

Picking up rubbish anywhere not only a school.

Picking up rubbish at school is okay but how about picking up rubbish in the streets and at home it could be yuck but it is also good picking up anywhere and not only in school so that means picking up rubbish in the streets and at home.

When students make sure that their school is clean they are helping our world be a healthy environment. When you see rubbish on the ground pick it up and put it in the right bin. Once you see lots of rubbish around have some respect, pick it up and chuck it in the bin. Also, by making sure you help each other clean up when you are at home or someplace else.

When picking up rubbish it is really good to put it in the right bin, here is what bin the right rubbish goes in. fruit waste goes in the red bin/ waste bin, hard cardboard and other hard rubbish goes in the yellow bin and lastly the soft plastic goes inside the black bin.

Picking up rubbish

When seeing people who is stuck seeing which bin the rubbish goes in have some respect and go u and help them out don’t just walk past them, help them then it will be easy for other people. When walking past rubbish at school people will pick it up but walking past rubbish at home or anywhere else some people won’t even pick they will just.

Picking up rubbish anywhere not only at school.
If picking rubbish is easy at school then it should be okay picking up rubbish at home or the streets.
I know that picking up rubbish is yuck but then the environment will be ugly and nasty, but still pick up the rubbish in the streets and at home.

Here you have it all four reasons why students need to respect our environment and become part of the solution. Make sure you follow these steps and keep our environment beautiful and clean.

The End.