Monday, 29 April 2019

I Like Your Latitude.

On Monday the 29th of April, today is the start of  term 2 for 2019.  The whole of Pt England School had a school Immersion Assembly we had this theme called  " I Like Your Latitude. " Mr Burt was talking to us about what Latitude means. It took a while until he had finished, but when he finished we had moved on to watching each teachers from each teams making a movie and  a live performance  about what the team is going to  work about and talk about.  After watching team 1, 2 and 3's movie, my favourite one was watching team 4's movie. 

Team 4's  movie was really funny, the four teachers were called to go to Pak'n Save for no reason, but then one of the teacher's phone was ringing from the Mr Goodwin which was the one who said to go all the way to Pak'n Save, after the call the teachers had to find their way from Pak'n Save to Pt England School.  They couldn't use their phones for google maps they had to use a map and compass for help. They got the staff and went of finding their way.  The funny part about this was one of the teachers Mrs Sio went off trying her way of getting there all the teachers thought that she would get them back to school cause really looked like she would.  But instead of getting them to school she got them to follow her all way to Great Tongs takeaway and buying her a bag of chicken, so that Mrs Sio could eat all of the other teacher's was really mad at Mrs Sio. 

When they had finally got to school they were really happy and glad they had finally made, but they were also mad at Mr Goodwin so the teachers burst into the class rooms they were gonna have meeting but the 4 teachers were just mad at him so they were yelling at Mr Goodwin.  Miss West yelled at Mr Goodwin saying " Why don't you try finding your way back home, without using your phone." so she took his phone and they all walked away slamming the door and leaving Mr Goodwin having to do a meeting by himself.  

Every first day of the term Pt England School will have an Immersion Assembly to see what other teams will be doing for the term and Inquiry, also to find out what the theme is for the whole of term 2. 

Thursday, 11 April 2019

3 Guest Speakers

On the 10th of April on a Wednesday, in the middle block team 5 or the year 7s and 8s had a Guest speaker talk. Which was with 3 guest and they had to talk about themselves and about their career, the 3 guest were, Jason Young which is friends with Mrs Tele'a husband, Fiona Bakulich which is sister’s with Mrs Tele’a and lastly Tanielu Tele’a which is Mrs Tele’a son. So the 3 guest were a family to Mrs Tele’a. 

The first person that spoke to us first was Jason Young, the first thing he said was his mihi which I didn’t understand some of it, then he also told us where he grew up which was GI and the school he went to the college he went to and the job that he worked at which was a Timper Builder he also told us that he did a Ironman and he also liked building when he was in his middle age. 

The guest we had talk to us next was Fiona Bakulich who was sister’s with Mrs Tele’a, she was also talking to us about herself, like where she grew up, what school she went, what college she went to and what her job was which was a Funeral Director, she also told us that she had graduated last month, she also told us that she’s in a tv show on number 1 called The Casketeers which I have never seen.

Lastly of to our last Guest Speakers who is named Tanielu Tele’a which is son to Mrs Tele’a, he told us also a bit of himself and what h liked to do and his favourite hobbies also his favourite sport. Tanielu was student to Pt England School and he liked playing Rugby League, then when he got to college which was at Skent Kents he liked to play Rugby and now he is sticking with rugby and had made it in the Rugby Blues team which was his dream to be playing for the Blues. He also told us that he was the oldest to 3 of his siblings. When he was small he told us that his favourite thing to do when he was little and at Pt England School was doing Animation. He also told us some funny things and some other things he told us about him and what he does as his career which was playing for the Blues Rugby team.  

These are the 3 guest speakers we had at the team 5 block, talking to us about themselves and their careers. It was really cool hearing about their careers and what they liked and their favourite things when they were little, and what school they went to also what college they went to as well.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Plot line.

Task Description:This week for our reading we had to a Plot line to a chapter book
called Whirlwind.  As you could see there is 5 words for the Plot line, Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling action and Resolution we had to write about the book by using those 5 words.

Friday, 5 April 2019


We had to turn simple sentence into a compound sentence.

Simple sentences: Ruby likes doing sports. Max likes playing video

Compound sentence: Ruby likes playing sports, and Max likes playing
video games.

Task Description: This week we had a task called the compound sentences and the FANBOYS, for our task we had to turn a simple sentence into a compound sentence by using the FANBOYS.