Thursday, 1 December 2016

Silly story

One day on Tuesday  the year 5 went to the hall and what they were doing was talking in front of people and they were talking about their learning,and some of the year 4 went to the year 6 class and it was fun,but and then Mr Goodwin was talking to in front people and when Mr Goodwin finish talking Mr Goodwin went to go and sit down on his chair and then some other teachers went to go and talk and then i was something that is really scary.  

had a really scary face and it was really green,so i went to go and tell my friends and they didn't believe in me so i told them again but they still believe me so i told the teachers and they didn’t   believe me to so i ran outside and then my friends followed and they said to me to go inside but i said no but they pulled me back inside the classroom but i said that i need to go and tell the year 5 and the teacher  tied me up on a chair and they went to go and turn into the same thing that i saw outside so i try to get out but i.

Couldn’t get out but then someone came and save my life and then  she told me are you ok,and i said yes but the year 5 and the teachers aren’t so we went to the hall and we saw the teachers and the year 5 were in trouble  so went inside and i went to go and  tell the monster to get away from them and then more of them came and then i went to go and run away as fast as i could and then when i was running i just know what it was and it was aliens and they were bads aliens so went to go and stop inside the a class room and i was making something to defend  the aliens and fight them so she went to go and then she went outside and went inside the hall and there were lots of aliens and they were scary the people inside and then i saw the person who save  my life so i went to go and help her and then i ask her want is your name and she said my  name is supergirl and she was the coolest superhero and Nevaeh really liked her and she always wanted to see her in real life so she did,then supergirl said to Nevaeh that we have to try and defeat  the aliens so Nevaeh said i got staff for me to fight the aliens and you will use your powers so we all went to the other side of the hall and we  went to shoot the aliens and all of the aliens were all hurt and they went to heaven and they all turn into people and then we saw the most biggest alien and that alien was jorelle and she was the biggest alien out of all of them.

So Nevaeh and supergirl were thinking of something to make the alien go to heaven and turn her back into herself so they were thinking of something really fast and then Nevaeh got something and she said to supergirl that i should use all of the staff that i have and you use all of your powers so supergirl and Nevaeh were use their staff,then supergirl went to go and use her eye lasers and supergirl almost  hurt jorelle and she went to heaven and then she turn back to herself and then all of the people were back to normal,and then Nevaeh became as superhero.
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