Tuesday, 26 February 2019

My Visual Mihi.

This is my visual mihi that I have done the visual mihi is all about yourself but instead of using words we had to draw them.  The drawing that I have done is all about me and  what I  represent, see like family is always in my heart, god will always be there for me, sports is what I like to play and do at school, I also like to play sports so that my family can be proud of me and other things.  The Cook Islands flowers is where I am from but I was born in New Zealand but I do go to the Cook Island.
These are what I represent of my visual mihi.   

Friday, 22 February 2019

Past The Migration.

Task Description: This work that I have been doing is about my parents and my grandparents,  but it is about when they had left their island which is the Cook Islands.  So in the past which was a long time ago some people had to leave their family's and other things from where they were born and came here to New Zealand, they came to on a ship to New Zealand so they can  start a new life is Aotearoa, also the way how came to New Zealand is by Migration which means moving to places or in shorter words movement, just like how the family's came all the way to New Zealand.