Thursday, 13 April 2017

I'm a bird.

Today I am a cute,small little brown bird and i was going to fly for my first time.When I was going to fly i felt really afraid to fly on first day.So I stayed inside the nest for a long time until my mother came inside the nest and I was so excited that my mother came back because I was really hunger,but when my mother came inside the nest I didn’t see any food inside the mouth.So the I said where's the food mum,so the mother said that you will need to learn how to fly and how to catch food so the mother said to come out of the nest,but i was so scared to come out of the nest so my mother grabbed my wings and she pulled me outside of the nest and she put me on a little branch and i was so scared,so my mother said to not to be scared it will be okay.So i went and stretched out my wings,then I went falling off the branch and I was almost near the ground so I started to flap my wings across the sky.After I started to fly I was so hungry so I went to search for some food for me to eat so I went to a forest and i got some worms and insects and I took the worms and insects back to the nest and I put the worms and insects inside the nest and I went to eat the worms and insects.Then my mother came to the nest and she saw me inside the nest so she came inside the nest and she looked at me and she saw me with some food.So she came and she ate with me and the worms and insects were so yum that I was super full because it was super yummy.THE END.