Friday, 10 August 2018

A letter to Mrs Sio.

Immersion Assembly.

Pt England School had the most funnest day on Monday the 23th of July,because while we were having a Immersion assembly Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson came up the stage and started to dance a bit. Here comes the funny part, because Mr Burt came to the stage in a outfit that looks like Beyonce, and he started dancing and he looked so funny dancing that everyone started to laugh. Until one bit come up that was kinda embarrassing for me because everybody standed up and started to dance as well, it was embarrassing,cool and hot at the same time. The dance is finished and it was time for the first team to come up was Team 1.

 Teams 1 movie was about one teacher that was playing videos all night and the other teacher just went to sleep early before she went to sleep she did some yoga and brushing her teeth. The next morning Miss Sadlar woke up early and got ready for school,Miss Dwyer was still sleeping from last night. Miss Sadlar got to school and started teaching her class. The kids in room 16 had no teachers and they were sad, finally Miss Dwyer wakes up and realise that she is late to school. She drove to school then she ran to her class and started to teach as well. Team 2 one was all about keeping healthy and fit at home. Which was to eat healthy which are veggies and fruits,also keeping fit playing with your family and doing activings. Riding with families around places.

Team 3 one was about getting to school early and playing with their friends. Team 3 was going to do things the related to fitness and fun. Team 4 was about keeping fit and healthy, and making up new games to play with other people. The game that the teachers made was spoon hockey, and this is how you play you put a spoon inside your mouth then you hit the ball with the spoon,and you have to try and hit it on the other teams side, and that's it.

 Lastly Team 5, the team 5 teachers were doing something that is related to fitness which was Yoga. Miss Tapuke was the teacher and Mrs Tele’a,Mr Wisemen,Mrs Stone and Miss Tuia were the students, they didn’t make a move like the other teams they made there one in action. What they were doing was funny like really funny that made me laugh really loud,Mr Wisemen was the funny one. Miss Tele’a gave up on a trick but then she try to do it again and give up,because of Mrs Stone and Mr Wisemen. So the Immersion Assembly was silly and rib-tickling, but the funnest Team is Team 5. Because Team 5 was the funnest is because Mr Wisemen was so funny that I almost started to cry but luckily I didn’t. I think that this theme is going to be the best than the other themes,because it is enjoyment and joyful. THE END.